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How Do I Make $81,078.23/Mo On Amazon

How To Leverage The System That I Used To Make $81,078.23 In One Month Selling On Amazon To Build Your Own Business

With Minimal Start-up Costs, Selling Hot Products On Amazon





Do you want to create a sustainable online business working from home?
Did you try all sorts of systems, tricks and courses and nothing worked for you
Would you like to achieve TOTAL TIME AND MONEY FREEDOM by mastering
and replicating a few simple steps that can be done by anyone?
If so…
You NEED to read this letter in full, because I’m going to show you…
How You Can Leverage My Copy-Paste Amazon Wholesaling Model To Build A Sustainable Six-Figure Business Even If You Have Zero Tech Skills

Hi, My name is Nick Tsai.

If you’ve been following me for some time,
you’ll know that I’m currently traveling the world while running an eCommerce business from my laptop.
I’m all but retired at 31.
Basically, I make my living selling physical products online.
I do this without needing a huge upfront investment.
(It means I don’t have to be careful with my money, as I can always get sales going.)
Without having a warehouse,
or heck even a single employee.
Without needing a lot of money for advertising. (I start with as little as $5-$10 per day.)
Now while this seems crazy to a lot of people, it’s actually quite simple.
The 3-Step Fast Action Formula For Building Your Own E-Commerce Business (…With A Twist That Will Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Competition And Get Incredible Margins)

Step 1: Create Your Amazon Account
So, the twist that will make sure you have low competition and high margins is that you will be leveraging Amazon to not sell other people’s products,

but find profitable products from China,
and then LABEL them as your own. And the best thing is,
Amazon will do all the work for you,you just need to find the products!
Step 2: Find Hot Products
Once you have your account set up and optimized,you need to find the right products to label and sell.

This means products that are currently in demand and have a proven track record.
This is the crucial part of building your business, and that’s why you’ll spend most of your time searching for the RIGHT products.
Step 3: Get Profitable Traffic
After you have a couple of products that look good,

you need start sending traffic to them.
And to get this right, you first have to test.
My suggestion is to first go with Facebook,
as it will allow you to target a specific audience,
and will fit in the $5-$10 starting budget.
Also, always go with video ads.
Which means finding videos demonstrating each product and uploading them as ads.
If you have your account setup right, and a hot product this part is really simple.
So Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?
A couple of reasons…

This is a relatively new model, and almost nobody knows about this yet.
Also, most people are quitters, and they give up after their first try if they don’t get rich overnight.
Not a lot of people like me are teaching the real stuff.
So when you add the reasons together, it’s pretty easy to see why.
Ok, so how can you get started quickly you ask?

You’ve Been Pre-Qualified To Receive This Special One Time Offer

Want Us To Do Most Of The Work For
You So You Can Get Results Faster?

Introducing The Quick Start Challenge Done-For-You Package


Dear Quick Start Challenger

You are now part of the 2017 Quick Start Challenge, we’re so excited for you!

This is the best decision you have ever made, for you, your business and those that rely on you to succeed

You’re about to embark on a 30 day challenge to build a business that can take you from zero, to $100+ per day online

Throughout the challenge you’re going to have some work to do each week to make that happen

If you fail to do the work we lay out in the challenge then you will not get the results

That’s blunt I know, but it’s true

For this reason we have an option now for you to save time, save money and get results fasters


The Quick Start Challenge Done-For-You Package

Inside the package is a collection of done-for-you resources that otherwise you will have to create yourself during the challenge

Here’s What You’re Getting When
You Add This To Your Order

15 Downloadable PDF Reports / eBooks

In the challenge, you’re going to start building your email list so that you can send emails and make money.

However, for you to build your email list you need something of value to give away to entice people to hand over their email address to you.

For this you will have 2 choices – Write or create your own product to give away, OR pay for someone to create something for you.

For a PDF report on a given topic you would typically pay between $50 – $200 for 1 report.

Included in the Done-For-You package you have an entire collection of 15 PDF reports that you can use and deploy at will

Save yourself time and hundreds of dollars by grabbing this today!

[VALUE $297]

Pre-Written Email Sequence Bundle

Once you start adding people to your email list following our QSC blueprint, you will need to send emails to them so that they get to know you, like you and trust you (so they buy form you and put big commissions in your pocket)

The thing is, when starting out it can be tough to know what to write, what to say and how to say it…

We do not want you to fall behind or be held back by these things, so we’re handing you a complete email sequence bundle for you to plug in and use with ease.

[VALUE $297]

Done-For-You Articles And Content

One way to get more traffic for free is to publish content online that people will find and read.

Writing content can take some time, and also it can be tough to know what to write about sometimes

That’s why we’ve included a complete article bundle with your package today so you don’t need to do all the writing and can save time and money instantly today.

[VALUE $197]

Professional Graphics Package Bundle

As online marketers, we all need graphics and images. Whether it’s for Facebook, blogs, squeeze pages, social media or even your emails.

Graphics cost money, and often a lot of it!

Luckily for you we’ve already invested that money for ourselves to the tune of thousands of dollars and now you can profit from it by taking all of our entire collection of graphics and imagery with the rights to use it all for yourself!

How to Make a Million Dollars Online — Includes FREE Interview

Five Figure Freedom is my new course.

It was created by an online Millionaire with 90+ minutes of tutorials on making money online.

Right now it’s less than $10.


Because not everyone can afford expensive training.

By giving people a cheap option to get access to a high quality roadmap, I can be responsible for changing more lives in the world.

Some of my closer friends would say that I’m being stupid.

After all, if it only takes less than ten bucks to learn online marketing, won’t this industry get saturated??

That’s a really good question that comes up ALL THE TIME.

The answer… is a resounding NO!!

Lemme explain…

There are two reasons why making money online will NEVER become saturated.

1) New “money hungry” Joe’s Every Single Day

The rise of the internet has created a demand for online entrepreneurship. And it really makes sense. More spending is done online than ever before, and that trend is only increasing.

More online consumers than ever before makes market saturation virtually impossible.

This is the way of the future. Get on board, or miss out.

2) Nobody takes action

Okay… This is an exaggeration. Of course, SOME PEOPLE are taking action… But most will not.

“If more info were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs”
– Derek Sivers

The guide is only HALF the battle…

The rest of your story is all on YOU.

In order to be successful, you just need to do two things.

  • Get the right information.

  • Take effective action based on that information

In my interview with Justin Spencer, we discuss the mindset and strategies you need to make this work.

It’s about 45 minutes, but will really help you get the most out of online entrepreneurship.

The $1,000 per day that is being displayed in the video thumbnail is referring to Justin’s income.

He makes around $330,000+ per year now.

Which is essentially around $1k/day.

How did he get to that point??

He really has two main business models.

The first is a solo ads business. This is an incredibly lucrative opportunity to build an audience and sell off the traffic for money.

Some people have been complaining that the solo ads industry is dying out.

That’s ridiculous.

People will ALWAYS be buying traffic to their offers.

Solo ads are one choice of traffic source. But it also remains to be one of the most affordable ways to get traffic to your offer.

FB Ads and Google Adwords are typically a lot more expensive than solo ads.

For that reason, solo ads are still immensely popular.

As the seller, your job is to get people traffic.

Justin Spencer has done this considerably well, and will also teach how to do it yourself.

Which brings us to his second main business model.

The other main way that Justin makes money is with high ticket mentorship.

This can also be a win-win situation.

Because with high ticket, a coach is able to make a large amount of money per transaction.

However, if the coach does a good job, the student could then go on to make very good money themselves.

Now I am NOT recommending that you go out and buy expensive mentorship.

If you are in a desperate financial situation, then you should never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Especially online marketing…

The success rate in this industry is far from perfect.

Think about it… You can give everyone the recipe and the ingredients… But that doesn’t mean everyone will be able to cook.

So yes, if you pick a reputable marketer, and give them a large sum of money, you will likely get the straight goods. Exactly what you need to do in order to make this work.

… But that doesn’t mean it will work. The rest depends on what you do with that information.

So take this whole ramble with a grain of salt.

I personally never bought high ticket mentorship EVER. All of my success today was from figuring everything out in the trenches.

So it is possible to go it alone.

But just be aware that it also took me a long time before I found my way.

How can you make a million dollars online?

These are big numbers.

But the math is simple. You need to increase your product or services demand in the marketplace.

The easiest way to make money online is to provide value.

Justin’s made over a million dollars online because people are willing to give him lots of money for his coaching.

If mentorship is not your game, then you will need to get a bunch of people to buy your product.

What often takes awhile to figure out is that the consumer is NOT STUPID.

We know what’s worth money and what isn’t.

Make yourself (or your product) valuable in the eyes of the market.

Those are my thoughts…

As always, thanks for reading.

Make it happen!!

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